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2021 SJTU- Lange Medtech® Scholarship Award Ceremony and Symposium

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2021 SJTU- Lange Medtech® Scholarship Award Ceremony and Symposium

2021 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Lange Medtech® Scholarship Award Ceremony and Symposium

On the afternoon of December 31, 2021, SJTU Lange Medtech® Scholarship Award Ceremony and Symposium is held in the Wenxuan Medical Building of Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU). Mr. Zhou Xin, CEO of Lange Medtech® (Antai alumnus of 1996) and Mr. Yang Daning, General Manager of Harmony Biotech (Antai MBA alumnus of 2004) attend the ceremony. Mr. Chen Jiangping, Executive Deputy Secretary of School of Biomedical Engineering, Mr. Zhou Shenshen, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Mr. Meng Xiangqi, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, and the award-winning students attend the ceremony. It is hosted by Mr Meng Xiangqi.

On behalf of the college, Mr. Chen Jiangping welcomes all the attending guests and expresses his gratitude to Lange Medtech® for its interest in supporting the development of education in the college and building more interactive communication platforms for the students. He encourages the students to take this opportunity to communicate with the seniors in depth, and take them as an example to learn and grow. Combined with the recently released Shanghai Biomedical Industry Development "14th Five-Year Plan", Mr Chen Jiangping encourages the award-winning students to take advantage of the valuable learning time and college resources, combine with the industry-university-research and medicine, and actively participate in the development strategy of high-end medical devices and intelligent integrated development.

Mr. Zhou Xin, on behalf of Lange Medtech®, congratulates the award-winning students. He introduces the original intention to set up the scholarship and the overall operation of Lange Medtech®, and welcomes the students to join company for internship and employment. Lange Medtech® will explore more cooperation paths with the alma mater in the future and make more contributions. He also announces that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Lange Medtech® will invest more in R&D in several strategic areas, such as minimally invasive spine intergrated solutions, orthopedic RF and power platform, biomaterials, and 3D printing, which have a lot of demands and improvement room for talents and technology.

Mr. Meng Xiangqi introduces the application process and selection of Lange Medtech® Scholarship for the academic year 2020-2021. The selection is open to all undergraduate and master's degree students. After the recommendation and professional evaluation at both school and college levels, 10 master degree and doctoral degree students are awarded the 2021 Lange Medtech® Excellence Scholarship, and 10 undergraduate students are awarded the 2021 Lange Medtech® Merit Scholarship, among which there are 14 award-winning students from the School of Biomedical Engineering. Mr. Meng Xiangqi also presents Zhou Xin with the original copy of the award-winning student booklet signed by the award-winning students.


Mr. Zhou and Mr. Chen presenting Lange Medtech® Excellence Scholarship Awards


Mr. Yang and Mr. Zhou presenting Lange Medtech® Merit Scholarship Awards

Xiangyu Zhao, a 2018 undergraduate student from the School of Biomedical Engineering, gives a speech on behalf of the winning students. He introduces his academic situation in the past year and expresses his gratitude to Lange Medtech® for funding the scholarship. He says that Lange Medtech®’s move to help SJTU students pursue their studies and boost the development of the university is solemn and great, and he is honored to be the beneficiary, and hopes to use this as a motivation to help many SJTUers, including himself, to realize their dreams.

After the award ceremony, Mr. Zhou Xin and Mr. Yang Daning, have a cordial exchange with the participating students and teachers, answer the students' confusions about their studies and life planning, and visit the School of Biomedical Engineering to learn about the future development plan of the school.


Lange Medtech® Scholarship

Funded by an alumni enterprise, Shanghai Lange Medtech Co. Ltd., the scholarship has been established in 2021 to reward outstanding students engaged in studies in the intersection of medical engineering and medical science at SJTU, and the selection is open to all undergraduates and master's degree students.