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One Lange, Arm In Arm 丨 Lange Medtech® Group 2023 Annual Meeting

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One Lange, Arm In Arm 丨 Lange Medtech® Group 2023 Annual Meeting

On January 12, 2023, Lange Medtech® Group successfully holds our 2023 Annual Meeting. All Langers overcome the effects of the epidemic and gather together to celebrate the new year.

Annual Speech

The annual meeting not only summarize the past year and plan for the new year, but also celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of Lange Medtech®.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhou Xin, CEO of Lange Medtech® Group, delivers a speech, in

which he firstly expresses his gratitude to all the shareholders, partners and colleagues who have worked together to overcome the difficulties and challenges during the three years of the

epidemic, and hopes that everyone would be brave enough to send out their dreams and create new achievements in the new year. He also elaborates and summarizes the vision: the Group will continue to strengthen its innovation and R&D capabilities in the following phases, improve the localization of products, in order to enrich the comprehensive competitive strength of the product line, and finally make every effort to reach the growth targets in the coming year.


Leadership Team Annual Summary

The leadership team make a systematic review and summary of the achievements in 2022, and summarize the goals of their departments in 2023, mobilizing their respective teams to actively meet the new challenges and accomplish the goals in the new years. Overseas leadership team introduce the current situation of the Group's overseas business to the  colleagues in the meeting via video, and express their excitement and confidence in joining the Group and becoming a new growth point of Lange Medtech® in 2023.

Annual Award Ceremomy

Our company make commendations to the staff and teams who have been working hard and the certificates represent the recognition and commendation of the Group for their achievements. We hope that all staff will continue to build a better future with one heart in the new year.

A new beginning, a new journey. The road ahead may be full of difficulties, but in this era,there is never a lack of opportunities. Just as the spirit conveyed by the annual theme of Lange Medtech® 2023 - One Lange, Arm In Arm, we’ll climb together to realize new developments of continuous growth and breakthroughs.