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Lange Medtech® Invited to China Renaissance Annual Meeting and the 3rd International High-end Medical Device Forum (IHMD)

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Lange Medtech® Invited to China Renaissance Annual Meeting and the 3rd International High-end Medical  Device Forum (IHMD)

China Renaissance Annual Conference

On October 28th, Mr. Zhou X in, founder and CEO of Lange Medtech® Group, is invited to participate in the 10th China Renaissance Healthcare & Life Science Leadership Summit as a guest speaker at the "Medical Device Roundtable: Beginning with the End in Mind, Commercialization Layout of Innovative Med Tech Enterprises ".


Mr. Zhou X in shares three important courses of our company development at the meeting: the persistence to develop the spinal bone cement business into the third in the national market in five years from just starting the business to joining the domestic medical device industry, the corporation of three companies in 2021 and be in the list of the spinal national volume-based procurement of the whole aspect at high price, the seizing of the opportunity to merge with an endoscopy company in Europe creatively, and making a big step to the internationalization.


"From the perspective of innovation mode, in the next decade, high-quality technological innovation and autonomous control will be the most distinctive feature of the new generation of innovation, and the direction of domestic innovation will change from bigger to stronger. Especially in high-precision fields such as biomedicine, original and leading breakthroughs in key core technologies, realization of domestic substitution and independent innovation are also new goals for the next decade." Lange Medtech® hopes to seize the opportunity under the pressure of national collection to become bigger and stronger, and it takes internationalization as an important development outreach strategy for the company. Lange Medtech® will not forget the original intention, meet the challenges, seize the opportunities and move forward to build an excellent Chinese brand.



2022.11.03- 11.04

The 3rd International High-end Medical Device Forum


The 3rd International High-end Medical Device Forum (HMD Conference) is successfully held on November 3rd and 4th, 2022 in Shanghai. With the theme of "Value Innovation, Rebranding", the conference centers on the new trends and characteristics of the development of the interventional industry, discusses the future development direction and prospects of the industry, and comprehensively showcases the most cutting-edge innovative technological achievements and products. The conference covers hot topics such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular interventions, orthopedics, medical design, material science, digital products, surgical robots and the rise of domestic products.


The number of participants in this forum reaches 1,200, exhibiting booths up to more than 85, bringing together top academicians, experts and industry leaders both at home and abroad. They discuss enterprise development and transformation strategy, and also provide a thinking path to empower the application and landing of the industry development.


Mr. Yang Daning, Executive Vice President of Lange Medtech® Group, serves as the chairman and moderator of the Orthopedics & Dentistry Session on November 4, in which a researcher from Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gives an in -depth analysis of the application of PEKK special polymer and high-performance ceramic 3D   printing technology in orthopedics. Other speakers also share the analysis of the current situation of the dental implant industry, and provide in-depth explanations on the R&D of new bioactive materials as well as the compliance management policy of medical device products. With years of experience in orthopedics, Mr. Yang Daning asks questions about the development and application of new materials and guides the audience to ask questions, which leads to a warm interaction between the stage and the audience.


Meanwhile, BSA-M Award (Best Start-up Awards - Medical Device) has been added to the conference, which is intended to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and help medical enterprises to transform their business innovation. We are looking forward to more exciting contents of the next conference!