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Stronger Together | Lange Medtech® joins hands with Eyebright Medical Technology to Enter New Frontier of Orthopedic Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

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Stronger Together | Lange Medtech® joins hands with Eyebright Medical Technology to Enter New Frontier of Orthopedic Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

The Age of Tissue Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is the use of biology and engineering theory and method to create lost or functionally damaged tissues and organs, so that they have the mechanism and function of normal tissues and organs. It can be categorized into three main areas: biological regenerative materials, stem cell repair, and organ regeneration.

Bio-regenerative materials have excellent tissue-inducing properties, which can efficiently induce regenerative repair of defective tissues and organs, and are widely used in orthopedics, cardiovascular, neurosurgery, dentistry, medical aesthetics and other fields, including osteoarticular cartilage repair, soft tissue repair, skin defect repair, vascular repair, etc. At present, independent innovation of bio-regenerative materials in China is developing very rapidly. Products have been marketed one after another such as dura, oral cavity and repair membrane, etc. and the market share of national brands is increasing year by year.

In September 2022, Lange Medtech® signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yantai Desheng Marine Bio-Technology Co., Eyebright Medical Technology Ltd. subsidiary. The two parties will reach the following cooperation:


1 . Co-development of the first fish-derived rotator cuff biopatch in the world

In this cooperation, both parties will jointly develop the first fish-derived rotator cuff biopatch in the world based on the innovative fish skin decellularized matrix material independently developed by Desheng Marine. The fish skin decellularized matrix material has excellent  tensile and suture strengths, which are significantly better than porcine or bovine-derived matrices of the same thickness. Fish skin is also more cost-effective than other tissue graft-based bioproducts, provides better clinical performance, and is not known to transmit diseases to human beings. 

Through its innovative minimally invasive instrumentation, Lange Medtech® will combine the biopatch to develop a regenerative repair product that can be widely used in clinical sports medicine for mild and moderate rotator cuff tears. This product can provide strong repair retention for the reconstruction of rotator cuff tissues and gradually replace them with the patient's own tissues for blood flow reconstruction, thus reducing the postoperative complications caused by the rejection of synthetic mesh, which is common in clinical practice. This will be able to fill the gap of such products in China and internationally.


2 . Co-creation of the largest fish-derived extracellular matrix preparation technology platform in China.

Since there is no risk of disease transmission between cold-water fish and humans, fish skin is only mildly treated and it is able to maintain its similarity to human tissue. This material can be used in a wide range of clinical applications for the preparation of various types of biopatches, including orthopedic, dural, and breast reconstruction applications. Compared to mammalian-based skin substitutes, fish skin offers better economics and clinical performance, and there are no cultural restrictions on use. Most tissue graft products on the market today are based on human and porcine bovine sources, which require extensive processing to eliminate the risk of disease transmission, a harsh antiviral treatment that removes most of the materials' natural components and make it different from the human's own tissue.

As a strategic partner of Desheng Marine, Lange Medtech® will firstly apply the material in orthopedic field, including product development and application in new fields such as various types of patches for sports medicine, artificial ligaments, dural membranes, and orthopedic spinal trauma repairs, to provide more innovative biomaterials products for orthopedic treatment.


3 . Working together to help clinical research applications

Fish skin decellularized matrix products also have the potential to be used clinically for lung, bariatric, gastric, colorectal and other surgeries due to their unique properties. Desheng Marine and Lange Medtech® will also work together with a team of renowned clinicians in China to conduct scientific research and R&D for more innovative bio-regenerative products.

Chairman of Eyebright Medical Technology

Dr. Xie Jiangbing:

Since its establishment, Eyebright Medical Technology has firstly devoted itself to the R&D, manufacturing and service of ophthalmic medical products, and has been meeting the diagnostic and therapeutic needs of ophthalmology patients in a multi-dimensional way with its rich product series. As an R&D-oriented enterprise, we have a strong innovation culture, has established multiple technology platforms and R&D system, and has formed a patent layout in many fields. In the future, Eyebright Medical Technology will give full play to its own technical advantages, continue to realize ophthalmic medical technology research and product upgrading, and strive to extend to other medical industry fields. The cooperation with Lange Medtech® is  based on the results of our continuous R&D in the field of biomaterials and tissue engineering over the past few years. It is expected this cooperation will realize a significant technological breakthrough in this field and obtain good economic benefits.


Founder of Lange Medtech®

Mr. Zhou Xin:

Since the establishment of Lange Medtech® in 2012, the company has been sharpened in the 10 years of entrepreneurial growth, and gradually formed a more complete orthopedic minimally invasive solution products and technologies through self-research and production, cooperation and agency. In the future, we will not only deepen our commercialization strategy to expand the market rapidly but will also consider collaborative approaches such as outward mergers and acquisitions and technology licensing to strengthen the pipelines in more innovative orthopedic minimally invasive products, new orthopedic materials and other fields, to form effective synergies. With the strategic cooperation with Eyebright Medical Technology, we believe Lange Medtech® will step into the new journey of internationalization stage and realize new development of continuous growth and breakthrough.


About Eyebright Medical Technology Ltd

A company listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board (STB) (stock code: 688050), is a national high-tech enterprise and a national specialized, special and new "small giant" enterprise.

This company has been deeply plowing into the field of ophthalmology. It is the first high-end refractive IOL manufacturer in China, and one of the major manufacturers of foldable IOLs in China. Eyebright Medical Technology is innovation-oriented, with strong R&D strength, a perfect research management system and innovation incentive mechanism. It has a deep  understanding and comprehensive grasp of the trends of cutting-edge medical device technology. This company will take full use of its own advantages and expand its pipelines, aiming to become an innovative and leading company in the field of ophthalmology in China, and to represent the new power of "Made in China" among the ranks of international advanced medical enterprises.


About Shanghai Lange Medtech Co. Ltd.

Founded in 2012, Lange Medtech® Group is located in Shanghai Songjiang G60 Science and Innovation Corridor. Our R&D covers the fields of treatments for osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture, spinal endoscopy solutions, and solutions for minimally invasive treatment of joint arthroscopy. We specialize in providing integrated solutions for minimally invasive approaches in orthopedics and related biomaterial solutions, with a vision to be the innovator and leader in the field of interventional orthopedics.

In 2018, our company was certified as a high-tech enterprise and passed the review in 2021. In 2020, we were certified as a "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprise. In 2021, we were certified as a pilot project of Shanghai standardization. We established our quality management system based on international standards and have passed the ISO 13485 quality system certification for many times.

Furthermore, Lange MedTech owns more than 40 international & Chinese patents and 29 medical device registration certificates in China. Our current product lines include products in the broader field of orthopaedic interventional therapy, and we currently have more than 20 ongoing projects in our research and development pipeline. All our core technologies have been protected by intellectual property rights. Our company is renowned in China and internationally for its high technical strength, its outstanding products, and fast response to customer’s and patients’needs. In addition, we have cooperated with many well-known and internationally reputed universities and hospitals to carry out industry-university-research-medicine projects, and actively engage in the development of intelligent integrated high-end medical devices.