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Mr. Peng Jie, Vice Mayor of X inqiao Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, visits Lange Medtech®

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Mr. Peng Jie, Vice Mayor of X inqiao Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, visits Lange Medtech®

Recently, Mr. Peng Jie, Vice Mayor of Xinqiao Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai and Mr. Ding Huanmin, Executive Deputy Director of Xinqiao Town Industrial Park Management Committee, inspect the headquarter of Lange Medtech® Group, and Mr. Zhou Xin, Mr. Yang Daning, Mr. Lv Zhenjie, Mr. Li Xiangjun, and Ms. Fu Xiaoqian, take part in the reception of this visit.


Mr. Peng Jie and Mr. Ding Huanmin listen to the company's introduction and development plan, inspect the environment, production and R&D status.

The Administrative Committee of Xinqiao Industrial Zone helps to resume work and production, establishes a personnel health monitoring and protection system for enterprises in the park, carries out epidemic prevention training and publicity, enhances employees' self-protection awareness and ability, and ensures that enterprises are well-prepared with protective materials. The committee also helps enterprises to cope with the difficulties caused by the epidemic on industrial production in terms of poor supply chain, insufficient raw materials, and limited movement of employees, etc. The committee starts from the guideline system for resumption of work, improves the top-level design, so as to accelerate the recovery of production capacity and supply chain. As the first batch of enterprises to resume work in Songjiang District, Lange Medtech® starts to resume work and production in the second month of the second quarter of the epidemic control period in Shanghai, which beneficially guaranteed the treatment needs of hospital users and patients across the country, and restores the normal operation and production of the enterprise.


Mr. Peng Jie makes detailed inquiries about the current concerns of the enterprise development, and he also expresses his affirmation of Lange Medtech® corporate status as an innovator in the field of minimally invasive orthopedics and biomaterials by actively overcoming the impact of the epidemic and continuously increasing its scientific research efforts and strategic development. Meanwhile he gives positive guidance and response to the resources required for the enterprise's next step of development.


As a high-tech enterprise and a "Specialized, Specialized and New" enterprise, Lange Medtech® has always maintained its innovative spirit. In 2022, in addition to new products that have already been launched, the group has reorganized its four major R&D teams and manufacturing and operation teams, which focus on minimally invasive orthopedic surgery, biomaterials, 3D printing, and cutting-edge technologies. More than 20 new self-developed products are expected to be launched to the market in the next1-3 years. Combined with the national distribution agency business of some international companies, the group will form an innovative and complete solution in the field of orthopedics, provide professional products and services to more than 2,000 hospitals across the country.

The inspection team and Lange Medtech® leadership team