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Mr. Tao Ming, Vice Chairman of CPPCC and Director of Medical Insurance Bureau of Shanghai Songjiang District, inspects Lange Medtech®

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Mr. Tao Ming, Vice Chairman of CPPCC and Director of Medical Insurance Bureau of Shanghai Songjiang District, 	inspects Lange Medtech®

Recently, Mr. Tao Ming, Vice Chairman of CPPCC and Director of Medical Insurance Bureau of Shanghai Songjiang District, Mr. Zhou Liuchang, Director of Agriculture and Rural Committee of District CPPCC, Mr. Zhou Wenhui, Director of Social and Legal Committee of District CPPCC, and Mr. Zhang Juan, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Xinqiao Town, visit Lange Medtech® Group together. Mr. Yang Daning, Mr. Lv Zhenjie, Mr. Liu Xulei and Mr. Li Xiangjun, managers of Lange Medtech®, greet and receive them.

The inspection team inspect the company environment, production and R&D, and learn in detail about our industrial information and achievements made at the current stage. Mr. Lv Zhenjie, Senior Vice President of Lange Medtech® introduces the company's corporate culture, development plan, staff composition and projects at the current stage. Mr. Tao Ming inquires about our operation status and difficulties encountered during the epidemic, and he expresses that as one of the important components of Songjiang District's "6+X" strategic emerging industries, the government would provide strong support for the development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Mr. Liu Xulei, Vice President of Lange Medtech®, introduces to the inspection team that the demand for orthopedic spinal consumables in the centralized banded purchasing is at a critical stage, and it is also a test of the market on the quality of the company's products and  marketi ability. Spinal consumables are the third major category of orthopedic consumables to be purchased centrally after trauma and joints. In order to cope with the impact of band purchasing, Lange Medtech® has started to lay out the plan at an early stage, and fully prepares for company consolidation, product line expansion, innovative product development and other strategic dimensions, to seize the opportunity and move forward.


The inspection team encourage Lange Medtech® not to forget the original intention, to overcome influences of the epidemic, to respond to the national medical localization policy, and to build an excellent national brand.

The inspection team and Lange Medtech® leadership team