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Lange Medtech® 10th Anniversary, New Development and New Journey

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Lange Medtech® 10th Anniversary, New Development and New Journey

Landmark Medical® 10th Anniversary

On July 16th, 2022, Lange Medtech® celebrates its 10th anniversary. From 2012 to 2022, our company has been sharpening its skills in these 10 years of entrepreneurial growth, and has gradually formed a more complete range of minimally invasive orthopedic solution products and technologies through self-research and production, cooperation and agency. We have been updating and iterating in the change and development, and climbing up to the peak. Insisting on compliance is the original intention of the enterprise, and it is also our answer to all kinds of problems. In the face of the bumpy journey, we should be based on the present, and then ahead of the times; Lange Medtech® will live up to the expectations and continue to move forward!

Company History

2022 is a milestone, but also a new beginning. At the beginning of this year, we established the Year Theme- "cohesion and strength, sharpening the line to the future", Be together & Be growing, and all staff walk together on the way forward.


Lange Medtech® Upgraded Logo


In July, Lange Medtech® completes the logo upgrading.With the new logo, new partners, and new journey, Lange Medtech® Group are working hand in hand to make a big breakthrough.

Lange: marking Langers are making deep commitment to minimally invasive orthopaedics.

Medtech: marking the transformation of our company into an innovative, patient-centered, business growth-driven enterprise.  

In the future, Lange Medtech® will not only deepen its commercialization strategy for rapid market expansion, but also consider outbound M&A strategically to strengthen its layout in more innovative minimally invasive orthopaedic products, new orthopaedic materials, etc., so as to form effective synergies in different segments of orthopaedic solutions of Lange Medtech®. In the near future, Lange Medtech® will enter a new journey of internationalization strategy and achieve new development of continuous growth and breakthrough.